My Top 5 Character Traits Needed in Life

I wrote this 2 years ago when I was working part time at a contract post office. I think I still struggle with the being teachable part but God helps me with this and often points out what I need to improve.

I had a Post Office customer ask me the other day what I thought, as a Life Coach, is the most important trait for a person to have. I told her I really believe that a positive outlook would be ranked in the top 5 best traits. Of course, that began a discussion as to whether a person is born with this or does a person develop this trait. I’m certainly not a modern day Pollyanna and I have had some bad things happen that weighed me down, sometimes for long periods, but I don’t stay down. For one thing, I have a Savior who picks me back and His Word says that anything bad that happens He can turn around for my good.  How about you?

The next of the top 5 best traits to have, I would say is being teachable. I don’t care how old you are, how educated you are, what you know about a particular topic, we can always learn something from each other. I try to be teachable but sometimes my pride gets in the way. Especially if someone comes across as a “know-it-all”. You might want to keep this in mind when you are tempted to tell someone what you know. Here’s what I try to do. I examine my motives. Am I trying to sound smart, funny, got it all together, etc? Or am I truly interested in helping that person? And sometimes the other party just needs to be heard. She doesn’t want your advice or know-how just yet. Maybe later. Are you teachable? Do agree or disagree? Why?


Say what you mean and mean what you say. No word games here.


Let your yes mean yes and your no mean no.


Do everything with love and compassion. It’s not always about you. We all have bad days and sometimes you may have to put your bad day away for someone else.

As of today, these are the top 5 traits I think are important in the life of an effective woman. This doesn’t mean that I only think these 5 are needed and three years from now I may change this list to what I find important in that season of my life.

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