Guilty As Charged

Hope everyone had a restful weekend last weekend. I really took advantage of it myself. I’m getting ready to visit children and grandchildren this week. I’ve also been helping with my 82 year old mom as she prepares for major back surgery on 5/3. I’m the oldest of nine and sometimes I can feel sorry for myself because it seems all her care is left up to me. I’ve learned that all I have to do is ask. Most of the siblings will help if I will just ask. That’s a subject for another post.

What I want to address today is the fact that I stayed home from church Sunday. I was raised in a very legalistic family and religion so I’ve had to talk to God often, over the years, about this guilt I often feel if I’m not at church every time the doors are open. Yes, scripture does tell us not to forsake the gathering of ourselves together. (Hebrews 10:25) And yes, scripture does tell us to take a day of rest.

Think about this…..My weekend of rest included time with my Lord. I don’t think that Jesus died on the Cross to cause us to live with the guilt of not following his commands. Quite the opposite….He died and took on all of our shortfalls, including guilt. We need to keep this in mind. I need to keep this in mind. He loves you and I so very much that He would never want us to live feeling condemned and guilty.

I’m not saying we need to forget gathering with like-minded brothers and sisters as Scripture teaches. I’m just saying that when we need a break from normal routine, He’s okay with that! Thank you Jesus for always having my back which includes my feelings, relationships, emotions, etc.

What are your thoughts? Do you sometimes live with the guilt of not doing all you’ve been told you “should” be doing? I had a counselor, who told me flat out to stop “shoulding” on myself. Wise words from a wise woman of God.

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