God’s Amazing Healing Power in 3 Women of the Bible

In this world, we have trouble. Difficulty will come our way. Even for Christians, there is no exclusion from the hurts and pains of this world. What options for hope do we have?

We can see this reality through the lens of God’s Word. Jesus Himself said, “In this world you will have troubles. Behold, I have overcome the world.” Jesus was guaranteeing the truth I shared above, but not without passing on to us a major promise.

He overcame the world. And to those who call themselves His, He has given the ability to do the very same in Him. It is in Christ alone that we can overcome.

But where do you look when it seems that promise is falling flat? What do you do when you start to doubt God is going to help you overcome those hurts?

There is no better place to look than to His Word!

Looking to Scripture

The Bible says that the Word of God is living and active. This means that God has given us the Word to talk to mankind in any generation at any hour. This also means that the things He did for those in the Scriptures are the same amazing feats, wonders, and miracles He is able to do for you!

Often times, us women can gain the most encouragement as we look to those women of God who came before us. I believe that God has set so many examples of healing women’s hearts in the Scriptures. And there are some women whose hearts He healed so beautifully it ought to inspire such an overwhelming hope and trust of Him in our very hearts and souls.

Women Healed by God

  1. Hannah

Hannah was the wife of a man who happened to have another wife, Penninah. The Scriptures tell us that Penninah provoked Hannah. While we don’t have explicit detail on what this means, we know that it must have surely irritated the already pained, childless heart of Hannah.

Hannah deeply desired to be a mother. She desired this so much so that she would pray continually to the Lord to grant her this desire of her heart. Eventually, he did just that.

It was when Hannah dedicated the desires of her heart to the Lord that He stepped in an altered her situation. He not only blessed her to be a mother, but gave her a son who would play an integral role in the history of her people. He truly helped her to overcome.

  1. Ruth

Ruth was a widowed Moabitess who had married into an Israelite family. With her husband, brother-in-law, and father-in-law’s deaths she and her widower’s family were planning to head to Bethlehem. Naomi, her mother-in-law pleads with her to return to her family, her friends, her way of life.

But Ruth’s taste of God’s goodness is enough to make her determined to stay with Naomi. The two women go together, living a life of poverty. Ruth spends her days in a hot field collecting the extra portions of wheat in the field of a man named Boaz.

But God caused Boaz to show her favor. She eventually finds such favor with this man, who is a kinsman redeemer for her family that he decides to marry her.

Ruth and Boaz marry, and have a son. This son eventually becomes one of the many people in the honored ancestral line of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

God looked on Ruth in her desperate time of need. He showed her favor with Himself and with Boaz. What an awesome path God allowed Ruth to walk for His glory!

  1. Woman at the Well

When the Woman at the Well ran into Jesus, it radically changed her life forever. During their conversation, Jesus pointed out to her that He was aware of her less than perfect past.

This astounded the woman at the well. And it is in this precious moment that she recognizes that the man talking to her is the Christ Himself, the Messiah sent by the Lord.

She then immediately returns to the village she came from, praising God and telling others that she has found the Messiah. We can be pretty sure that God had done a major transformative work in her heart, healing her from her past in such a way that she wanted to share the Good News of the Messiah with as many as she could find.

May this be the very response of our hearts to God’s continual healing power in our hearts!


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