A Jesus Level Love

I read a story recently. It was a story to make a point, probably not a true story, but a story that could actually occur, considering some of the recent shootings. I’m sharing this story not meaning to open recent wounds but to share what these recent tragedies have caused me to think about.

As the story goes, a gunman walked into a church and commanded all who believed in Jesus to lie on the floor. Some people immediately fell to the floor. The gunman told the others they were now free to leave.

Then he turned to the Pastor and said, “You can start preaching now.”

Again, I am not intending to make light of the tragedies that have happened this year but to share with you how Holy Spirit has used these tragedies to stir something in me.

This was a story which caused me to wonder if I would be strong enough in my walk and relationship with Jesus to lay on the floor for Him and face possible death. I think so, I hope so.

Now I take this story and relate it to my everyday walk. Do I walk and relate to others as Jesus would, if He were still here in a human body? I think so, I hope so.

I so want everyone, no matter where they stand spiritually, to feel His love through interaction with me.

“We love because he first loved us.” 1 John 4:19 (ESV)

We love. Do I love like He loves me? I need to totally get the magnanimity of this verse.

Magnanimity is a noun that means the quality or state of being generous. Some of the synonyms are:

big-heartedness, bounteousness, bountifulness, freehandedness, generosity, generousness, great-heartedness, large-heartedness, lavishness, liberality, magnanimousness, munificence, openhandedness, unselfishness, unsparingness.

Do I love like this? Only when we totally understand that He loves us like this, then we can love others like He loves us.

So, today, I’m going to ask Him for help in this area. And display confidence that He will help me. Today, I will be intentional in showing a Jesus level love to all I come in contact with, even those who get on my last nerve, ruffle my feathers in some way, talk mean to me, treat me like I don’t matter, etc.

Have an awesome walk with Jesus today!

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash