Tears In A Jar

“You keep track of my misery. Put my tears in your leather container! Are they not recorded in your scroll?” Psalm 56:8 NET

I’ve just spent the past 6 weeks in misery.  The experience of sadness, grief, fear, and lots of crying were a part of everyday for those 6 weeks. I haven’t worked in those 6 weeks because I and my sisters were caring for mom, and it was especially intense the past 4 weeks.

You see, my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the end of March. We waited until both my sister and I were with her before we could allow her physician to tell her. We didn’t want her to hear this news alone. She still had a lot of life to live and even though she was 84 years old, she had plans and projects to complete. She had great grandbabies to meet, granddaughters’ weddings to celebrate, her garden to clean out and get ready for summer. She was looking forward to getting back to her painting and her beading. These are the things that rip out my heart more than the fact that she is gone and living in her heavenly home now with Jesus.

This morning, I was reading this verse in Psalm above and Holy Spirit reminded me that He feels and records all the sad things in our lives. He really loves us so much that He even saves our tears in a bottle. Our tears are important to Him. What an incredible love that has to be! That’s because each of us, as unique as we are, mean so much and He loves us so intimately that he will save something and record something as personal and private as our tears and grief.

Reading Psalm 56:8 was an encouragement and uplifting to me, because I believe Holy Spirit, who is also called Comforter, helped me feel less alone this morning.

Whatever you are going through, focus on the God who loves you so intensely, intimately and really cares that you are suffering. That’s exactly what I need to do today and in the days ahead.

Photo by Milan Popovic on Unsplash

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