Holiday Self Care

How do you get through the first holidays without a parent? My mom moved on to heaven on April 25 and the physical pain, the hurt in my heart, has diminished but the emotional pain is still very strong. As we just celebrated Thanksgiving and as we get closer to Christmas, I’ve been flooded with Continue reading Holiday Self Care

Things Not Seen

A must read. Especially if you are scientifically minded. Our Creator already knew about quantum physics.

5 Encouraging Truths To Guide You In The New Year (Guest Post Today)

I have had the privilege of guest posting again and today I’m on Patty’s Blog at Patty is a teacher turned stay-at-home mom who loves the Lord, her husband, Matthew, and son, Solomon. She loves being a mother and wife, teaching, devouring delicious dishes, saving money, and continually creating an intentional, Christ-focused dwelling place Continue reading 5 Encouraging Truths To Guide You In The New Year (Guest Post Today)

Where are angels when we need them?

I believe angels are sent to protect us. They are commanded by King Jesus to direct affairs and protect us from the enemy who would want us to turn from Him just because we experience tough times. For it is written: ‘He will command His angels concerning You to guard You carefully; and they will lift You up in their hands, so that Continue reading Where are angels when we need them?

How do you deal with trials?

Our family is once again experiencing trials of epic proportions. This summer has been one trial after another. I became very sick with a condition that has been building over many years. I’ve lost 35 pounds since October 2015, but most of that weight was lost between March and beginning of August of this year.  Continue reading How do you deal with trials?

How Do You Share Your Faith?

Do you believe you are special and created with a special personality makeup by the Creator, Himself? It’s true; He took special care in creating you. Look at Psalm 139 for a start. There are others which talk about how He knew us even before we were born. That resonates special with me. We each are Continue reading How Do You Share Your Faith?

What Is Your Purpose?

I’m always looking for ways, including Scriptures which speak to our purpose. “What am I supposed to do with my life?” This is a question I hear all the time from my coaching clients. My husband and I are in a season of life with grown, married children and six beautiful grandchildren. We definitely had Continue reading What Is Your Purpose?

Think On These Things

Sometimes Holy Spirit gives me a word for my morning in the wee hours when I am just dozing on and off. I am especially aware of His word early Thursday mornings when, as an admin for a blogging network, it’s my turn to post a morning greeting. This morning He brought to my mind Continue reading Think On These Things

What Does It Really Mean to Rest?

Women are busy. And we’re approaching a summer season of extreme busyness. So on top of all the “stuff” we do, like work, cleaning house, volunteer work, taking care of people in our lives who need our help (children, husband, parents, etc.), we are put to the test with extra work and expectations surrounding vacations. Continue reading What Does It Really Mean to Rest?