Destiny Coaching and Biblical Counseling is Not Therapy:  Coaching or Biblical counseling is in no way to be construed or substituted as psychological counseling or any other type of therapy or medical advice.

Coaching or Biblical counseling is not psychotherapy; therefore, if any issues arise that are better served in the therapeutic setting, I will provide referrals for psychotherapy.


I understand that all information discussed in the session is confidential and that written permission is required in order for my coach to speak with anyone regarding our work together. I understand that my coach does participate in professional consultation to assure that I am receiving the best coaching/counseling possible. I further understand that at times telephone conversations, e-mails or faxes may be utilized and that the confidentiality of information transmitted through these venues cannot be guaranteed.

Coaching & Biblical Counseling is not a medical treatment and is not covered by HIPAA. 

Because Gloria Boone, Life Coach & Biblical Counselor,  is also an Ordained Christian Minister, She is legally and ethically obligated to protect either a client or others from harm, and that confidentiality may be limited in these instances. This would include any information a client might disclose that indicates that a child or elderly or, disabled person is being abused. If a client is at imminent risk of hurting another, or himself/herself, the coach, Gloria Boone, is required to take protective action. Every effort will be made to discuss these matters with the client prior to taking any action.